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Austrimi Seafoods

Austrimi Seafoods is a trading name of Ambaco Pty Ltd, an Australian owned and operated company based in the regional centre of Geelong, Victoria.
Austrimi was originally established as a subsidiary of Japanese company Daiichi Chinmi Inc. and built a reputation for quality and innovation in seafood. Recently, Austrimi has been acquired by a group of collaborating Australian seafood businesses in the Geelong region, and now offers unique seafood processing, manufacturing and value adding capability for Australia’s seafood industry.
Buying products from Austrimi Seafoods means that
- you have the peace of mind that comes from products manufactured to Australia’s stringent food safety and health standards,
- you are supporting local jobs and the economy of regional Australia
- you are able to enjoy easy to prepare meals based on nutritious seafood



Ambaco Pty Ltd trading as 
ustrimi Seafoods ABN: 93 129 464 535 62-66 Cowie St.,North Geelong, Victoria, Australia. 321 Phone: 61 3 5245 2600 Fax: 61 3 5272 1725
Email: enquiries@austrimi.com.au